Weak Stomach

Soooo what the heck, after my dinner last night I felt unsettled, like it was just floating at the top of my stomach but not absorbing… And then around midnight while I was tossing uncomfortable a wave of nausea came over me and I sprinted to the bathroom just in time to throw up! First time in years where I threw up without making myself… So that was disappointing because I really wanted the vitamins from the broccoli and eggs to help my hair! *sigh*
I think vegetables are harder on the body to digest, as are acidic foods like fruit. But as a kid when I was sick and couldn’t keep anything down, my mom would make me oatmeal or Cream of wheat with water or hot milk, and that always stayed down. So now I’m thinking hot oatmeal made with water and some almond milk is what I gotta eat from now on. It’s filling and good for the body, and actually absorbs! It’s hard to walk around with an empty stomach all the time and then suddenly eat a ton of broccoli I guess. It was too much of a shock!

Anyway now I’m having to eat all this oatmeal to calm my stomach which literally feels like I got alcohol poisoning, u know, when your body rejects everything u put into it bec it’s trying to get the toxin out. Setback!!

Love everyone out there, keep fighting the battle!
I will be thin.
Comment your CW & GW’s, I want to connect with you!
xo AB

CW: 126.4

GW1: 115
GW2: 110