Self Improvement

Hey girls,
So I went to a self improvement workshop last weekend, called Landmark Forum and it changed my life! As short as my life may be thus far haha also I was so focused on loving people that my desire to eat entirely vanished for 5 days!


A quick thing about it, bec I am so excited by it:
It was $575, which scares away most people my age. Or most people in general. They will say its expensive. Its expensive compared to what? To a plane ticket to new York for a vacation that lasts a few days? To the $400 iPad you bought that is now broken/falling apart? This is self improvement that empowers us and lasts a lifetime 🙂 plus it keeps on giving.  I feel empowered by it, and now I try to empower other people in my life. And they then try to empower their family members. Its nice to spread love, it really is!!

What I learned from this forum is to be authentic (honest) with everyone. Part of being honest is removing the excuses and finding that we really do love everyone, and the moment we tell them we love them and are authentic with them… we are set free.

After the forum, i felt like this bird


Okay so I haven’t been paying attention to what i eat lately like my desire to connect with people and tell them I love them is so strong, and so much more satisfying than food. So when I eat its generally with people, out of necessity bec its prob been awhile since I last ate, but not bec of my usual desire to stuff my feelings…

However today at work someone left a platter full of soft cookies so I’m eating those rn. Feeling somewhat bad about it. Is literally been months since I’ve eaten a cookie. And they’re not satisfying! Oatmeal and walnuts taste so much better! But you know, I am by myself at work and I have no legit escuse. I ate cookies because I ate cookies. No other reason than that (that’s something we learned in the landmark forum)


Anyway I actually think I’ve lost some weight although I’ve avoided the scales. Whenever I weigh myself, I’ve gotten in the habit of eating a lot shortly thereafter. Either bec I don’t like my weight, or bec I do like it and so now I have permission to eat. I know I have the power to change that habit, but either way, I’m avoiding it!! Haha isn’t that funny, I eat my feelings, regardless of what the scale actually says
Comment pleeaaasseee!!



3 thoughts on “Self Improvement

  1. Hey!
    Okay so here is how!:p
    Calculate… Calculate Calculate Calculate. Have you maybe considered trying to make shorter term goals. So kind of like I do. I write down what times exactly what I’m going to do. Then I tick them off as I do them. This gives you a short term feel of accomplishment that lasts long enough to your next tick. If you then feel the need to binge you need to take your book or your phone or whatever out, workout the exact calories in it , how much exercise you’d have to do to make up for it and what goal you’d have to cross off your list if you do that thing, by the time you’re done with all of that not a fuck (excuse the French ) will you feel like breaking it. You can even work out a little negative and positive points system for yourself and then if by the end of the week you achieve this goal amount of points that you want (remember think short term on the points like, 1 point for every l of water or hour of exercise, minus 1 point for every calorie of wrong food you binge on) then you can reward yourself, be it getting your nails done ,your fave movie, going clubbing (dancing not drinking dancing burns calls) or even that fashion mag. You may under no circumstances still get your reward if you don’t reach your total and it shouldn’t be food based. You need to weigh yourself in the morning when you wake up and right before bed, then calculate the weight difference for every lb lost for that week you add a point for an lb added you lose a point. And this way even if you go up a bit you know you can still lose it and get your points and your reward! :p (: I hope this helps you loads! X

    “Dead girl walking,” the boys say in the halls. “Tell us your secret,” the girls whisper, one toilet to another. I am that girl. I am the space between my thighs, daylight shinning through. I am the bones they want, wired on a porcelain frame


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