Dieting in Social Settings


Social gatherings centered around food are situations I’ve always disliked. Why not have group hiking, group cliff jumping into the water, group something that’s not about stuffing your face? I feel like doing active things is truly living, but escaping into food… Is not. Group food gatherings are just something people have done for so long that they continue the habit, but its not a healthy habit to me.

So my best friend’s family is having a BBQ by her new pool and we are all expected to come because her boyfriend who I’ve never met will be there. They’ve been dating almost 3 years, mostly long distance, so he’s pretty important to her. But I don’t want to eat. Especially not around my skinny model- look-alike friends!
They all just have very thin body types naturally, are 5′ 9- 5′-11, and are not too into working out. Nor do they prioritize eating healthy. But I think they just are not huge fans of food so they don’t eat much on a regular basis… Food is not their go-to stress reliever like it has been for me. So I’m the off one out because I am the shortest 5′-5.5″, and I get muscle super easily. So im always working out daily and like bickering with food while they’re just gracefully sailing by haha

The girl who is hosting this BBQ is annoyingly obsessive with making sure people around her eat. She’s really really thin, has a boyish figure (no curves at all) and is Chinese and Filipino. And in the Filipino culture… you stuff your face. Especially at family gatherings.
I see it as unhealthy when one concerns themselves with other peoples affairs and tries to control them i.e. tells them to eat more or tells them to stop being so loud in public places… And I’ve told her twice now that I don’t like it when she makes me feel guilty for not eating the same junk that she eats (it took a lot of courage for me to say something). So she said okay, she understood that her and I just ate differently, but still she often rolls her eyes when I decline food because I have a 400 cal frappuccino that I’m currently drinking. She says that’s a drink, not food. Its like okay well I’m pretty sure this drink is more cals than your entire meal so why don’t you stfu?!!
Anyway, that’s what I’m concerned about at this damn BBQ because we must prance around in our bikinis but also stuff our faces. I’m down to do the first, but not the second!


We are all free and in charge of ourselves and no one else! For all of you who feel like repressed or confused bec the people around you are telling you that you’re being unhealthy or healthy… That is NOT their place to decide! Some say that me exercising every day is unhealthy bec its “obsessive”, while others say its very healthy and necessary in order to keep up the endorphins and have a happy mind. But i try to listen to my body and my mind… What feels right for me. I noticed I feel severely depressed and fat if I don’t do cardio for just one day, so if I want to be happy every day, then I do some cardio every day. Just 15 minutes is all I need to feel happy and not guilty! Someone could say that’s unhealthy thinking, but their opinions do not matter bec what matters is that I am happy with myself!
Anyway, I have issues haha and I am not looking forward to this BBQ. I am because I love my friends, but I am not looking forward to having some awk battle w my friend over what I eat. If she does try to say something I’ll have to remind her that she is in control of her life as I am in control of mine!
CW: 123
GW1: 115
GW2: 110


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