weight loss

So I need some serious help in losing and maintaining weight loss.
I understand that I’ve been using food for comfort when I’m in emotional distress but the past few months I’ve become vividly aware that it doesn’t make me feel better. Art and design seem better outlets, but I only start a project before thinking in a self defeatist way “What’s the point of this again?”, and go back to eating random things from the cupboards.
I want to be thinner so my old clothes will fit, so I will fit in better with my super thin tall best friends, and so that I have more confidence in myself. When I was with my boyfriend, I weighed 115-118 on average and at the lowest point, 111. Since he’s died a little over a year ago, I’ve put on a good amount of weight from eating my feelings late at night… I work out in the day, but it just does not cancel out. As many of you probably know.
I don’t like it!
Butterfly treePost your tips and your CW and GW!
Current weight: 125.7
GW1: 120
GW2: 115


6 thoughts on “weight loss

  1. Emotional eating is a tough adversary, and my primary advice is: don’t look at it the same as you look at nutrition in general. “What to eat” is one question, but “how not to eat your feelings” is VERY DIFFERENT and learning A won’t help you with B. You are on two journeys: learning what to eat and how to move, and also, learning how to deal with your feelings. One of them is obviously much more difficult, and although I don’t know what it’s like to lose someone you love, I totally feel you re: eating your feelings. Good luck, lady!
    CW: 282
    GW: 141
    blog: http://www.primalamber.wordpress.com


    1. Thanks gal 💜 I don’t want anyone to feel bad for me though, on a regular basis I am surprisingly happy. But at first the painful emotions were suppressed by internalizing them via food. Now its time to face life without suppressing feelings!


  2. What I say is to just simply sleep through the day. I feel like such a vampire, I wake up every day around 6 pm and I shower then lock myself in the room. Drink orange juice, it really helps to fill you up. This is how I fast. I only fast in the summer though. Throughout the year I probably gain 6 pounds but I lose more in the summer. I was 110, I’ve been fasting for 3 days and haven’t checked the scale, I’m checking on the 5th day.


    1. Ooh I feel guilty sleeping that long, like I’ve wasted the day and miss the sun! The advice is good though, i will go to bed much earlier I think and try the oj!!
      Yea its super disheartening to check it just to see its stayed the same or gone up *sigh*
      Thnx for your comment. Much love xo


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