Plan ahead

I like this so much because she has created rules. When life becomes chaotic and we are not sure what to do and what’s the right path anymore, joining a system that has rules that guarantee a good end result feels like such a relief. It feels like such security.
I think its important to have stability SOMEWHERE in our lives. If there is none at home, then dieting creates this stability. 💗💜


imagePlan ahead your meals of the week or count the amount of calories you should consume. It should range between 350 to 650 calories a day.

The best way to succeed is to cut on fatty, sugary food. Only eat veggies and fruits. No bread or meat!

You have to eat enough calories to not die in 3 days and still being able to manage to loose weight.

Also put guilt in your heart when you eat to much!

Try to drink fizzy water so it simulates the feeling of being full.

make yourself some big quantity of food to eat for 3-4 days, like a soup for example.

For dinner. You can try to take a veggie soup with lots of water, spices, veggies (no potatoes), salt, no oils and just blend it all.

At lunch time you can make a carrot salad (shredded carrot, lemon juice and salt)…

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2 thoughts on “Plan ahead

  1. Hehe it wasn’t very serious. I was only writing it into the mind of a pro-ana. Or what I think as having an eating disorder. But seriously, don’t follow that diet, please go above 1000 cal lol


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